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Discover a place where health meets heart. At 1440 Health Collective, we're more than just a wellness center – we're a community that cares.

Welcome to Your Local Wellness Center


I talked to Jessica for 30 minutes, and she was able to help me see something about the relationship with my mother that my psychotherapist hasn't been able to help me see in 10 years!"

“Wow, I had no idea that I could be so much better, clearer! 

In today's fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or out of balance. The pressures of daily life often lead to stress, anxiety, and feeling disconnected – which can drown out your inner voice.

Aches, pain, and emotional turbulence become unwelcome companions – making every day a challenge. Until you find yourself struggling to sleep at night and letting go of your worries.

You long for a space to find balance, heal, and reconnect with your true self.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

the wellness center

So at our wellness center, we offer:
  • Personalized Healing Plans – You are unique, and so is your healing journey. Our practitioners work with you to develop a roadmap tailored to your needs.
  • Diverse Practices – We offer a variety of services, from acupuncture to yoga and meditation to nutrition counseling. Our range of services revolves around holistic care.
  • Skilled Practitioners – We are experienced professionals passionate about what we do. Our goal is to share knowledge and guide you on your journey to optimum health.

We're here to help you rediscover balance, reclaim your vitality, and embrace a life filled with health and harmony. So join us – and let's embark on a transformative journey together.

But imagine waking up feeling rejuvenated – and ready to face the day with confidence and joy. 

Each morning, you honor your body's signals and deepen the connection with yourself. Until whole-body wellness doesn’t feel like a luxury anymore – it becomes a daily reality instead.

That's where 1440 Health Collective comes in. We believe holistic healing isn’t about treating symptoms. It’s about understanding and nurturing your whole being. 

Welcoming Atmosphere – Feel at home from the moment you step in. Our wellness center is designed for comfort and relaxation.

Diverse Offerings – From massages to meditative practices, we have a wide range of services to fit your needs.

Expert Team – Our practitioners are top-notch, each with over a decade of experience and a deep love for holistic healing.

Collaborative Care – Our team works together to provide a cohesive healing journey tailored just for you.

Our services combine the best of medical-based and wellness-based practices. We stand apart in our approach to your well-being by offering:

Why Choose Our Wellness Center?

1440 Health Collective is a unique wellness center in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland. We’re a group of independent practitioners who work collaboratively together. We cover everything body, mind, and spirit in a way that other places don’t. 

Continuous Support – We don't just stop at treatments. Our team is here for you, offering guidance every step of the way.

Just like selecting your doctor, choosing the right wellness center is a big step. You're not just picking a place, but a partner in your health journey.

That’s why it’s not only about treatments for us – it's about transformation. Ready to experience holistic healing like never before?

– J.R. from Pure Symmetry

There is no one way to approach therapy, and she knows them all. Definitely recommend Marcie for any muscular-skeletal issues.”

“An amazing physical therapist who listens to me about my ‘broken bits,’ and honestly tells me what she can do, and what I should do to retain her therapy. 

– D.H. from Full Circle Massage Therapy

I originally came to Mary’s practice with a difficult medical condition and continue to find tremendous peace and relief as a result of Mary’s thoughtful care and support.”

“Mary is an extraordinary loving caring human being, an angel who shares her heart with others. 

Not only is Lora a best-in-class doctor of physical therapy and certified lymphedema therapist who helped me regain my strength, flexibility, and range of motion post-op, she also took extraordinary care of my emotional well-being as I was recovering from surgery. In her wellness practice, Lora has helped me stay on track with my health goals and increase my strength and endurance in a safe environment."

"Lora John is the whole package...

My paradigms have shifted utterly. My new awareness in my body has allowed me to address several health issues head on. Rachel's gentle coaching – literally her voice in my head – have helped me unravel years of unhealthy eating. I now proudly have lost almost 60 lbs, have way more energy, I allow room for rest, and am far more aware of my inner landscape as my body has connected to my mind. Rachel is a gem. I wish I could give her all the stars in the sky!”

“Rachel's wisdom and care has literally changed my life… 

kind words from our clients


from our clients

In today's fast-paced world, feeling healthy requires more than treating symptoms – it means caring for your mind, body, and soul. So we offer a range of services to do just that.

Wellness Service Tailored to You

Channel your body's natural energy to promote healing and well-being.


Restore mobility and soothe discomfort with our expert therapists.

Physical therapy

Discover peace, purpose, and a deeper connection to your inner self.

spiritual counseling

Learn new ways to optimize your health with a plan that works for you.

wellness coaching

Release tension, enhance circulation, and embrace tranquility from the outside in.

Massage Therapy

Meet Our Practitioners

At our health & wellness center, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated practitioners who are committed to guiding you on your wellness journey. Check out the bios below to learn more about each practitioner – and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Jessica Luke - Spiritual Counselor

Jessica is the owner and founder of 1440 Health Collective. She also owns her spiritual counseling practice, The Well Grounded Soul. She has a rich background in the world of Buddhism, shamanism, hypnotherapy, and transpersonal psychology. After battling her own health challenges, she devoted herself to helping others find their path to healing. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Jessica combines her knowledge with deep spiritual practices to bring transformational healing.

Specialty: Spiritual Counseling
Practice: The Well Grounded Soul
Website: thewellgroundedsoul.com 

Jessica Luke, BS, LMT, DHP

Marcie Schwartz - Physical Therapy

Marcie is the owner of Pure Symmetry – and she’s extremely passionate about physical therapy. From high school volunteer to expert professional, her journey has always been about finding the root cause of dysfunction – and providing the tools her clients need to manage their healing. With many certifications under her belt, she restores alignment, encourages movement, and paves the path to a pain-free lifestyle for her clients. 

Specialty: Physical Therapy
Practice: Pure Symmetry
Website: puresymmetrypt.com

Marcie Schwartz, MPT, COMT

Katerina Vlckova - Physical Therapy

Katerina, or Katka, as she likes to be called, hails from the Czech Republic. As an integral part of the Pure Symmetry team, she combines her love for anatomy with modern manual therapy techniques. Her mission? Getting to the root cause of physical issues, restoring circulation, reducing inflammation, and ensuring lasting relief. So her clients not only recover – but understand the origin of their problems, too. 

Specialty: Physical Therapy
Practice: Pure Symmetry
Website: puresymmetrypt.com

Katerina Vlckova, MSPT

Leslie Ayoub - Physical Therapy

Leslie is a talented member of the Pure Symmetry team. She has a deep-rooted passion for understanding the body's workings. She merges her love for anatomy with her experience as a competitive swimmer. From neck and back dysfunctions to pelvic health, her holistic approach is aimed at comprehensive healing. She also specializes in trigger point dry needling, vestibular conditions, and post-concussion rehab.

Specialty: Physical Therapy
Practice: Pure Symmetry
Website: puresymmetrypt.com

Leslie Ayoub, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Rachel Brumberger - Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism & Wellness

As a master acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and Chinese nutritional therapy practitioner, Rachel masterfully blends modern and holistic medicine. She designs transformative healing programs for her clients that address complex health challenges – like women's health, digestive disorders, mood disorders, neurodivergent conditions, and chronic illnesses. With over 20 years of experience, she’s the go-to expert in her field

Specialty: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism & Wellness
Practice: Transformative Healing Programs & Lifestyle Medicine
Website: rachelbrumberger.com

Rachel Brumberger, M.Ac, M.OM, L.Ac

Dr. Bridgette Diedrich - Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism & Wellness

As a member of the Transformative Healing team, Bridgette uniquely blends modern and Eastern medicine. She’s an acupuncturist, Chinese nutritional therapy practitioner, and wellness practitioner with over 13 years of experience in nursing clinical care. She offers a unique perspective – and specializes in chronic illnesses, digestive conditions, hormonal transitions, and major life changes.

Specialty: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism & Wellness
Practice: Transformative Healing Programs & Lifestyle Medicine
Website: rachelbrumberger.com

Dr. Bridgette Diedrich, RN, D.Ac, L.Ac

Dr. Lora S. John - Physical Therapy

Lora stands out for her expertise in pelvic health and oncology rehab services. She received her doctorate in physical therapy from Clarkson University and her Lymphedema Therapist Certification through the Norton School of Lymphatics in 2016. She also completed numerous oncology and pelvic health rehabilitation courses through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). As a beacon of hope for her clients, she offers specialized treatments to restore wellness. From lymphedema to movement disorder rehabilitation, she's got you covered.

Specialty: Physical Therapy
Practice: Oncology & Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
Website: www.ophpt.com

Dr. Lora S. John, PT, DPT, CLT

Mary Aguilera-Titus - Massage Therapy

Mary has almost two decades of experience in massage therapy and has held significant roles in renowned medical settings like John Hopkins Medicine. Since 2002, she’s been a licensed massage therapist in Washington, D.C. and Maryland (as well as being nationally certified by NCBTMB). She’s a beacon of knowledge and care in her domain – and promotes wellness through oncology massage therapy and manual lymph drainage. She believes in the innate resiliency of the human spirit – and the power of support circles for healing. With various massage techniques, she caters to clients seeking oncology massage therapy and more.

Specialty: Massage Therapy
Practice: Full Circle Massage Therapy

Mary Aguilera-Titus, BA, LMT, CLT, BCTMB

Amy Kossof - Mind-Body Medicine for Chronic Pain

With nearly 40 years in medicine, Amy has witnessed the gaps in traditional medical treatments. She evolved her practice to focus on the union of mind and body. Her expertise focuses on neural circuit disorders – aiding patients to reclaim functionality and joy. If you're battling chronic pain or similar challenges, she's here to guide you with a mind-body approach.

Specialty: Mind-Body Medicine for Chronic Pain
Practice: Heal Your Brain Heal Your Pain
Website: healyourbrainhealyourpain.org

Amy Kossoff, MD

Anouk Van Ryckeghem - Massage Therapy

Anouk is a massage therapist with nearly 20 years of experience. She graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2003 and is certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year. She’s trained in many types of massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue, Lymphatic, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Hot Stone. She brings this blend of various massage techniques to the table by catering to each client’s needs. Her touch helps clients let go of stress, achieve alignment, and gain freedom of movement.

Specialty: Massage Therapy

Anouk Van Ryckeghem

The seed for 1440 Health Collective was planted in 2017. Our founder, Jessica Luke, thought of it during a profound moment of insight at a Tony Robbins conference. She wanted to create a place where people could feel good and get healthy. A one-stop shop for healing. 

So she started 1440 Health Collective in a small room in a chiropractor’s office. Now, it’s an expansive wellness center in the heart of Bethesda, MD. Jessica's dream blossomed into a haven where kindred souls can discover their unique healing tribe.

From Passion to Wellness Center

Our Journey: 

Our wellness center can help you heal all parts of your being – mind, body, spirit, and emotions. We’ll help you find your wellness path and start your healing journey. Ready to get started?

Mind, Body,
& Spirit

Mind, Body, & Spirit

At our wellness center, we believe in making each of those minutes count. So we designed our unique logo to represent this idea.

We purposely created the 1440 icon to look like the numbers of a digital clock – one that’s counting down to the next day of new opportunities. Because there’s always tomorrow to work on your wellness goals.

We also purposely moved the “0” in 1440 so the number isn’t completely closed. It remains open – an idea we embrace at our wellness center by encouraging you to:

  • Create space in your life for alternative forms of healing.
  • Be curious about your unique and individual path toward wellness.
  • Trust that future healthcare opportunities will come along at the right time. 

Every day you have the chance to discover health and healing, in whatever form it takes for you – and we’re here to support you along the way. 

There are 1,440 minutes in each day. Every minute is a chance to take care of yourself. To nurture your body, mind, and spirit. 

The Story Behind the 1440 Brand

Our wellness center can help you heal all parts of your being – mind, body, spirit, and emotions. We’ll help you find your wellness path and start your healing journey. Ready to get started?

At 1440 Health Collective, our goal is to help you find lasting change. So we opened a small retail store at our wellness center in Bethesda, MD.

We stocked it with products you can use in between your sessions with us. Each product helps you on your journey to better health. Explore Anima Mundi, our all-natural herbal product line. Or discover the energy of our handpicked crystals and healing jewelry. 

And the best part? By shopping with us, you can support our wellness center and its mission.

So the next time you come out to our wellness center, take a peek at our retail store. Or ask one of our practitioners what products they recommend to continue your healing journey. 

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R.S. about Massage Therapy with Anouk Ryckeghem

Anouk is an incredible massage therapist. I experienced massage from Anouk for at least 15 years. Additionally, she worked with my mother when she was in her late 90s which was very healing for her. She seems intuitive in her body work, integrating many approaches, which in reality has taken years of education and experience.  There are not many massage therapists as lovely and skilled as Anouk and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

“Anouk is thoughtful and holistic and I learned much from her both through her insights into my body and through related conversations.

We're a holistic wellness center located in Bethesda, Maryland. Our practitioners are a group of experienced and knowledgeable women with an extensive network in the local healthcare community. 

We provide a range of services that includes:

Physical Therapy  /  Acupuncture  /  Wellness Coaching  /  Spiritual Counseling  /  Massage Therapy

Our goal is to help you optimize your health – and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Reach out to us today.

What does 1440 Health Collective do?


1440 Health Collective is unique because we care about your whole self – not just your health. We understand that everyone's journey is different. So, we focus on personalized care. We listen, adapt, and support you every step of the way. And we ensure every service is designed to help you on your healing journey. 

What makes 1440 Health Collective different from other wellness centers? 


At 1440 Health Collective, our goal is to enlighten and empower others about whole-body healing. We’re always eager to share our knowledge – and we love to collaborate together. Whether you're just starting or you're a wellness expert, we’ll draw on our powerhouse of wisdom. So you can make informed choices that are best for you and your whole self.

How do I know if I’m doing what’s right for me and my body? 

As a collective, our business model is set up a bit differently than other wellness centers. Each of our practitioners maintains and runs their own business independently. So the cost for services will depend on a few factors like:

  • The practitioner you’ll see.
  • The type of service you select.
  • The length of your session.
  • If the practitioner accepts health insurance or not.

For more information, you can check out each practitioner’s website. 

Is it expensive to use 1440 Health Collective’s services? 

That's what our friendly team is here for! Our practitioners are happy to learn more about you and share their knowledge. You can reach out to one of our practitioners to set up your first appointment. They’ll be delighted to chat with you, discuss your goals, and guide you to the services that will help you the most.

How do I know which services are right for me? 


Have questions about 1440 Health Collective? We’re here to help. These are some common questions people often ask us about our wellness center. 

(If your question isn't here, send us an email. We're always happy to chat with you!)

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wellness Center