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Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritulity that exists today with it's roots going back 10,000 years. Surprisingly, the ancient healing techniques have not changed much over time. Shamans have the ability to tap into the powers of our unseen world, drawing on the power of nature, the elements and helping spirits, to help people reclaim their own power and in effect become stonger and healed. In our modern world we have become disconnected from the power of the nature around us, and shamans believe that is part of the reason why the Western world has such high incidents of mental health issues.


Shamanic Journey

Applied Shamanic Counseling provides insight in a modern world from a traditional background. We use a process called the Shamanic journey to tap into this power in the unseen world to help us expand our consciousness and awareness. It’s similar to a dream state. I will teach you how to do this process and work with you to understand deeper meanings behind the images and information you’re given. I also offer Shamanic Healing services such as power and soul retrievals, energy balancing and other healing techniques.


Shamanic Counseling & Healing can help you -

  • Understand your own power and inner guidance
  • Deepen your intuition
  • Live with purpose and intention
  • Become more grounded and balanced
  • Improve your relationships
  • Cultivate creativity and curiosity
  • Understand complex family histories
  • Bring more emotional stability and regulation

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