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Our Philosophy

Mindfulness is a very popular word at the moment with many differing meanings. Here at 1440 Health, mindfulness is awareness. It’s taking 30 seconds to pause when you’re caught in reaction or a trance to notice what you’re feeling. Bringing that awareness and practicing identifying the underlying emotions that were the trigger is the first step to living a more fulfilled life. There are many forms of meditation. Here we help you explore those types and determine the one that works best for you at this time. Most importantly, there is no right or wrong way to it.


Impact On Your Health

Stress has been linked to most chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. With regular meditation practice you will awaken an awareness of yourself and how you are relating to the world around you. With that you can easily bring yourself out of a reaction and into a more peaceful state.

Meditation 101

How Sessions Work

The sessions are done one on one, or in a small group setting when offered. We will discuss the simple process and the practice together. Mediation, like all other healthy endeavors, is meant to be a life long process.

What You Do

Come with an open mind and a desire to live a more peaceful, less stressful life. We will sit quietly with eyes closed and go through the process of bringing awareness to our breath and the present moment.

The Desired Outcome

The desired outcome is a moment or two where you can be without the chatter in your head. In the beginning it may seem difficult or that you’re not doing it right, but you are. The mind clearing muscles will get stronger the more you use them, just like every other muscle in the body.


Meditation Classes

Class Times: Coming soon!

Join us for a small group class where we cover the basics as well as advanced stretching and mobility techniques.

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