Mind-Body Skills Groups Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mind-Body Skills Group?

Mind-Body Skills Groups offer a powerful and effective combination of research based healing therapies to help participants deal with life changes, stress, and illness in an intimate and supportive group setting. The groups are small, usually 7-9 people, which allows for a deeper level of connection, sharing, and support. All of the groups meet at a set day and time for 8 weeks, 2-hours each week, which provides an opportunity for participants to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into their lives, with the support of the group to help them work through any difficulties along the way.

What skills are taught in a Mind-Body Skills Group?

Mind-Body skills groups are highly experiential and integrate techniques such as Meditation, Guided Imagery, Autogenic training, Breath Work, Movement, Journal Writing, Drawing and other approaches into a supportive group environment.

What if I already practice some mind-body skills, like imagery or meditation? Would a group still be helpful for me?

Yes! Even if you have worked with Meditation or Imagery or another mind-body skill, a group can still be extremely helpful. Groups offer a supportive atmosphere and an exploration of many mind-body approaches, which often add a deeper dimension to an existing practice, or a desire to incorporate a new skill into that practice. Also, the group is designed not only to teach mind-body skills, but also to help participants develop a deeper level of awareness in everyday experiences and, as a result, an increased ability to cope with the emotional, physical and psychological challenges that face us in our daily lives.

Who usually joins a Mind-Body Skills group?

Everyone can benefit from a Mind-Body Skills Group. As a result, groups are comprised of adults of all ages and all types of backgrounds. The common theme is that all participants are seeking support in making changes in their lives, whether the desire is to decrease stress, increase coping ability, decrease pain (physical or emotional), enhance immune function, manage anxiety or depression more effectively, or any number of other concerns.

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