Corrective Exercise - Do I need that?

I don’t know about you, but do you ever catch yourself watching people walk and think…wow, something doesn’t look right about that?

Or, how about…do you have one shoulder, or one knee, or one ankle that just doesn’t work like the other one?


In my practice, I am all about balance.  I am guilty of watching people walk and diagnosing what muscles are weak and what muscles are most likely tight or overworked in their body.  I know I’m a little obsessive about this stuff but that’s why I love what I do! 


Our bodies are an amazing network of bones, nerves and muscles, working together to move you through your day. One of the problems is that overtime the body develops movement patterns to make us more efficient.  It does this by continuing to use the strong muscles more often and letting the weak ones stay weak.  The brain is so good at minimizing and consolidating energy that it will completely shut off a connection to a muscle if it doesn’t have to use it often.


The best example of this occurs with extended periods of sitting, and that can be at your desk, in the car, on your couch or your favorite comfy chair.  We sit on our butts and completely deactivate this huge muscle group!  Our ancestors didn’t have chairs or toilets to sit on, they relied on strong glutes to hold them while they squatted.  Knees stayed mobile because the hips were mobile and strong.  Now, the only strong muscle group we have is our hip flexors, the muscles on the front of your thigh and in your groin.  This simple, yet complex, imbalance front to back is the cause of 90% of back pain.  And the solution…release and stretch the hips flexors and activate and strengthen the glutes!!  It’s that simple.


Or maybe you’re already very active.  You run or cycle, lift weights and do yoga.  Do you find yourself with recurring aches and pains?  Or that same painful spot keeps coming back in your knee, or you pull the same hamstring, or your shoulder hurts if you move a certain way.  These are signals that there is an imbalance somewhere in your movement pattern.  If not addressed it can lead to a much bigger problem.


In corrective exercise we address both types of muscle imbalance, the weak and over active. Through a simple movement evaluation, we can determine how your body has adapted to its imbalanced movement patterns. We then prescribe techniques to release and stretch the over active muscles and then move into targeted muscle activation techniques for the weak and underactive muscles.  These are small movements at first, then we gradually move into bigger exercises that form more functional movement. 


Do you feel weak in certain movements? 

Do you have a chronic pain that doesn’t seem to be getting better?

Do you want to have better posture?


Sign up for a corrective exercise evaluation and we can set a course for creating strength, balance, and overall better movement!

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