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There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Everyday we have the opporitunity to create space to do what we want to do. We can take care of ourselves and others. Here at 1440 Health, we believe there’s time in every day for the kind of self-care that will make us better versions of ourselves: strong, pain free, and at peace. It’s about living in the moment, finding that inner knowing of spaciousness, and claiming our own power.

About Jessica Luke

Intuitive Manual Therapy & Spiritual Counseling

Jessica Luke is the owner and founder of 1440 Health.  She sees clients for Intuitive Manual Therapy, Shamanic and Spiritual Counseling, Depth Hypnosis and Holistic Health Coaching. 


The balancing of body, mind and spirit has always been at the forefront or Jessica’s thinking.  Growing up in Michigan she rode horses in high level competitive showjumping, spending most of her childhood outside in nature. Whether she was on the farm or on vacations to National Parks, she developed a respect for the sacredness of nature and how it can balance our hectic worlds.

The love of movement and the physical body drew her to a degree in Exercise Physiology from Ithaca College and onto the path of manual therapy.  Exercise and healthy living have always been a cornerstone of her life. She has trained with top teachers in the field and for the last 20 years she has worked in a variety of medical settings and in private practice, treating thousands of patients for chronic pain, injuries and stress reduction.  Combining many techniques, she now uses a fine tuned intuitive process to treat a wide array of conditions helping many clients stop or reverse the effects of bad posture, improving movement of the spine and joints and helping people live more pain free and find balance in their life. 

Through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, Jessica has studied with world renowned teacher Isa Gucciardi PhD, to be a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and an Applied Shamanic Counselor. This transformational healing model uses Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy along with transpersonal psychology and energy medicine to help people get to the roots of what is holding them back from living a fully free life. She now uses the power of the natural world as teachers and guides, weaving together a framework of support to provide a space for self-discovery and self-healing for body, mind, spirit and soul.  Her clients walk away from each session with a deeper connection to themselves and the world they move around in.

Jessica loves to travel and explore new cultures, finding places filled with natural beauty. When not reading, studying or working out, you can find her with her husband out on any of the Maryland and Virginia area hiking trails. She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi and Everest Base Camp and has many more peaks on her list.


“You never know what’s around the corner.  It could be everything or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.”

            -Tom Hiddleston


Email Jessica directly at 1440health@gmail.com 

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